Matched – Reflection 4

Matched is such a great book and I have really loved reading it, I am glad I got to the end but now all I want to do is read the other two!!!!! It seemed like every week it just got better and better. I kind of feel like I have no words about the book because I just have no idea how to put how I feel into words, so all I can really say is it is a really really good book and it isn’t all perfect like in the book nothing really happened as it should it all tends to go wrong and it is mostly influenced by Cassia’s decisions and that is what makes it interesting, her life is meant to be perfect but it’s not. The end of the book is good but it doesn’t leave you on a cliffhanger or leave you dying to know what will happen in the next book because it kind of sums everything up skips to a few months later and it ends. Just like that. But I mean overall the book was great and I still really want to read the other books because there is something about the covers and the titles, Matched Crossed Reached that makes me have millions of questions! At the end of the book, I really didn’t like Cassia’s decisions and if I was her I would have done everything completely different but I guess the book wouldn’t have been as exiting. Anyway, I love this book and I recomend it to everyone!!


Matched week 4 – Discussion director

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.15.10 PM.png

Do you think that Cassia will find Ky and if she does what do you 
think will happen?

Do you think Cassia made the right chose to leave Xander and go off to
be with Ky?

Where do you think the officials took Ky’s uncle and aunty?

What do you think the next book is about and what does the title of it
make you think might happen?

Do you like that Cassia’s parents are helping her find Ky?

What do you think of how the officials made Ky and Cassia fall in love
for an experiment but now they are actually in love?

What was your favourite / least favourite part of the book?


Matched – reflection 3

Matched is so good and I just want to find out what is happening next! I can’t believe Ky actually said I love you and Cassia said it back. I really wish cassia would tell Xander that she has feelings for ky even though Xander and cassia would be hurt at least Xander would know. From reading the book so far I can tell that something is not right because all these weird things are happening like all the trees getting cut down and the artefacts getting taken away it is also strange that cassias mum had to go away and she had to keep going away and even though they explained it, it’s still really strange. I’m so glad we are up to finishing the book because I need to know who she will choose if she has a choice and what is happening in the society. If I was cassia I would have told Xander at the start that I saw Ky’s face on the port screen and I would try to stay away from ky if I started to get feelings for him. I also think it is really sad that the artefacts got taken away especially from Bram because he seemed really upset if I was in Bram position I would probably really upset as well. On the upside, I really love this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the book and read the other books!!!!!!

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Matched Week 3 – Coat of arms

I did the activity Coat of arms –

FullSizeRender 16

Tree branch –

I choose the branch with the red ribbon on it because it how Ky and Cassia spend most of their time together and it is also what they are doing when they fall in love. Also in the book, most of the things happen between them when they are in the woods and I thought this is an important part. I made sure to include the red of the ribbons in the picture because that is the main point of why they are in the forest.

Matched banquet dress –

I choose to draw Cassia’s piece of dress in the glass frame because I think it is a really important part in the book because when she receives it in the package she realises that the society is only giving them pieces of their lives. She also talks about the way her dress and her mother’s dress look like stained glass when held in the sun.

The compass –

I chose the part where Cassia gives Xander the compass because it is showing that she likes Ky and is willing to give up her artefact to save a piece of Ky’s past. This part is important in the book because Xander is caring for her but she is caring for Ky by hiding his artefact, not hers. I tried to make the colours of the hands slightly different because one is Cassia’s and one is Xander’s and I know that in the book she slips it down his shirt but I wanted to make it clear what was happening in the picture.

Cut down tree –

The last part I choose to draw was the tree in their front yard being cut down because this part in the book really shows that things are changing, also in this part Molly Cassia’s mum says “its all my fault” latter in the book Cassia asked why she said it was her fault and Molly said she didn’t mean it. I thought was an interesting part in the book and was important, I also think what Cassia’s mum says means more than she said it did.

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Matched – Reflection 2

I honestly don’t think I can handle this book! I have so many questions, Why does cassia like Ky? What will happen next? Who will she end up with? Argggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! All I want to do is keep reading!!!!! I really don’t don’t like Ky! there is nothing wrong with him it’s just I really don’t like how Cassia has feelings for him! she is MATCHED with XANDER!!!!!! My favourite character is Xander he is just so cute and sweet (how does she like Ky????)  and he is not going behind Cassia’s back and doesn’t have feelings for someone else. My favourite character used to be Cassia, but I think it so wrong that she has feelings for an aberration. He is not meant to be matched yet here they are hiking together, watching movies, sharing secrets! it is all so wrong these things she should be doing with Xander. Ok enough about this annoying love triangle and back to how confusing and busy the book is at the moment Cassia’s dad loses (🙄 ) the grandfather’s tissue sample, Cassia doing things she is not meant to be doing ( breaking the rules – with Ky), kissing Xander, the message from the matching official on the port screen, her mum going away for work, the hiking trips!!!!!!! The book is extremely good and I am dying to read more ant find out what happens and anyone who isn’t reading matched as their lit circle’s book I really recommend reading it after!!!!

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Matched – Reflection 1

Reflection – week 1

This book is so good, at times it is a bit confusing but once you keep reading you start to understand. I love reading about cassia and how her life is but some things they are made to do annoy me like having to die at a certain age and not being able to run in public. I think it is so cute that Cassia and Xander are matched together but I don’t really like how Ky is there and how Cassia keeps thinking about him. My favourite character is definitely Cassia. She is my favourite because she is the main character and I know the most about her than the other characters I also like her because although she follows what the society tells them to do she seems to still wonder and in her mind do different things than what she is meant to. I don’t like the society they have made really silly rules that everyone in the society has to follow. But so far I love this book and can’t wait to keep reading.

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